X-ray Vision of
the Energetic

A Joint IAU I-HOW and COSPAR Capacity Building Workshop in X-ray Astronomy

February 06-17, 2023

North-West University Potchefstroom, South Africa


X-VISION2023 Capacity Building Workshop aims to provide a unique platform for students and young researchers from developing nations to learn how to analyze X-ray data from missions like XMM-Newton, NICER and NuSTAR. The teams of experts include a number of renowned senior lecturers from various fields. The hands-on sessions will be led by the respective instrument team members. One of the objectives of this Workshop is to inspire and prepare young researchers to use future X-ray observing facilities like XRISM, ATHENA, Arcus etc. These observatories will undoubtedly usher in a new era in X-ray astronomy and advance our understanding of the energetic universe.

This is the first time the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) are joining hands for supporting a Capacity Building Workshop in Astronomy. This workshop is also generously supported in various forms by the South African Gamma-ray Astronomy Programme (SA-GAMMA), and Centre for Space Research at North-West University (NWU), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and European Space Agency (ESA) in various forms.

There is no registration fee for this workshop. Limited financial support for travel is also available. Accommodation of all the selected participants shall be provided by the organizers. The participants with accompanying person(s) should send us an email on xrayvision2023@gmail.com to get accomodation arranged by the organizers. Unfortunately, the expenses for any accompanying person will not be covered by the workshop.

The IAU I-HOW and COSPAR Capacity Building Workshops have a rich history of enriching young researchers across the globe with technical and scientific knowledge in diverse areas of Space Science and Astronomy. These short training and teaching programmes are very effective and provide ample opportunities for collaborative research with experts. This particular Workshop also aims to highlight a number of research programmes, in line with main research themes, in South Africa and to explore new possibilities of Pan-Africa collaborations.

These Capacity Building Workshops also promote cultural exchange between participants through various activities outside normal workshop hours.


  • **The CODE of conduct**
    X-Vision Code of Conduct
    The last date to confirm attendance is 29 October 2022.
  • **The Local Transportation Arrangements**
    Live Status of the Shuttle Arrangement
    The last date to confirm attendance is 29 October 2022.
  • **The List of confirmed participants has been updated. **
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    The last date to confirm attendance is 29 October 2022.
  • **The date of notification of acceptance is extended to 18th October 2022 **
  • **The registration for this event is closed.**
  • July 19, 2022: Workshop is announced
  • July 19, 2022: Registration open for participants

Important dates

Important Caveats Related to the Registration

This is to help in writing an effective motivation letter for this workshop. Note that the below points do not guarantee selection, which is competitive and shall be conducted by an independent committee. However, writing around following points will definitely add clarity in your letter.

  • Clearly mention your current research work or future research plans in your mind. It will also be good if you can add one or more sentences to emphasize the importance of X-ray part of the spectrum to your work or plans.
  • It will be nice to add sentences to describe the anticipated contributions of the data from missions of interest i.e., one or more of XMM-Newton, NuSTAR, and NICER.
  • It is always good to align your motivation to one or more topics of the workshop. The topics are briefly mentioned in "Lectures and Projects" section. The prior experience in these fields are not mandatory to attend this workshop, but, it is always effective to reflect your ideas how our efforts shall help in your current/near-future scientific research.
  • Since this workshop also aims to strengthen the X-ray Astronomy research and multi-messenger followup programmes in African continent. You may share your visions if you think those are in-line with the agenda.

Justification for Travel Support

  • Note that this is different to the motivation letter to be attached with your CV.
  • The accommodation of all the participants [excluding accompanying person(s)] are by default provided by the organizers. The accommodation support already includes all meals and coffee/tea. It will be a shared room so no need of including this part in your justification for financial support.
  • Therefore, only the justification for the partial travel support is expected.
  • Since only limited funds are available for travel supports, so you may not be awarded full travel costs. Please clearly state whether remaining travel costs (including VISA fee etc) shall be supported by your host(s) or some local agencies.
  • The participants with full supports from their hosts or local agencies are specially encouraged to apply. It should be mentioned during registration process either in "additional information" section and/or skipping the travel support related questionnaire. This, however, does not imply that selection committee shall compromise with the quality of participants.
  • Airport transfer and other local transport related information shall be communicated over website and email

The Lectures and Projects

The Lectures and hands-on sessions shall revolve around the following major scientific areas, but are by no means limited to:

  • The ionized outflows from black-hole objects
  • The spin, mass and nature of accretion disk in Stellar mass Black holes and AGNs
  • The X-ray emission from Blazars and connection with the TeV emission from jets
  • Thermal X-ray emission from Galaxy Clusters
  • X-ray emission from Pulsars
  • Multi-Messenger Astronomy and Transients
  • High energy Astronomy in South Africa
X Vision 2023 Workshop poster


For any queries and information please contact us via email at: xrayvision2023@gmail.com